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All Of You

author: Harry Charthern

Karen's 1st CD became my absolute favorite listening experience, I enjoyed every cut many, many times. Having listened to Karen in person, I was certain that the new Cd would be great, but I could not imagine that it would be as good as the first. FOOLISH ME!! "All Of You" is a treasure. My favorite cut is, "It's Alright With Me". She gives a reading that is saucy, a little coy and exceptionally witty, you can hear the wink in her voice as she assures her companion that this really is the "right" place and time. I highly recommend this CD, I also highly recommend catching Karen in person. Do this and you will discover that "All Of You" just scratches the surface, and you will then join me in imploring Karen to make "All Of You" the second of many.

Another Winner

author: Ray Biscoglia

When I heard Karen was releasing her 2nd CD my first thought was that it would be hard matching her first release. But she did it on all counts. From the sultry "I'll be Around" to the bluesy "Moanin'" Karen exhibits her incredible range of style, texture and feeling. The selection of songs and the accompanying artists should appeal to every jazz enthusiast. The musicians’ inspiring performances are a perfect compliment to Karen's voice both in their comping and solos. Looks like Karen has another winner.

Great Jazz Vocal CD!

author: Diane W.

Karen Benjey’s All Of You is full of vocal charm in a setting of beautiful and sensitive accompaniment by David Goldblatt, Joe La Barbera and Terry Plumeri…With lots of great color on top by Randy Brecker. Well worth the dime!

Fantastic Jazz

author: Ben Tavers

Extremely beautiful voice and a fantastic performance by all.